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Terms and conditions:

Disclaimer of Liability:

By booking your visit to the Center for Exhibition and Environmental Education, the visitor releases Action Fauna Foundation from any liability for personal injuries or damages to property or other harm caused to the visitor during their visit to the Center. The visitor understands that this visit includes a tour of a natural space, where associated risks exist, and accepts that any complications are their own responsibility.

Compliance with Entry Protocol:

The visitor agrees to comply with the entry protocols established by the  Exhibition and Environmental Education Center, which includes adhering to the code of conduct and facility rules to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and animals.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Animal Abuse:

The Center for Exhibition and Environmental Education has a zero-tolerance policy for animal abuse. If a visitor is identified behaving inappropriately or causing disturbance or harm to the animals or the facility, they will be asked to leave the Center without refund.

Visitor’s Responsibility:

The visitor is responsible for following the rules and guidelines established by the Center, as well as following the instructions of the Center’s staff at all times to ensure their safety, the safety of the animals, and a positive experience for all.

Theft of Collection Material:

In the event of suspected theft of collection material, the Exhibition and Environmental Education Center reserves the right to take appropriate legal and security measures.

Professional Photography and Video Cameras:

The use of professional photography and video cameras is only permitted with prior permission obtained by contacting, with an associated extra cost.

Intellectual Property:

The visitor agrees not to reproduce, distribute, transmit, or create derivative works from the institution’s contents without the express permission of the institution.

The animals inhabiting the Exhibition Center will have rotations based on their needs, including periods without visitors in the Rehabilitation Area. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which animals you will encounter during your visit.

We look forward to your visit to the Exhibition and Environmental Education Center and are committed to ensuring a safe and educational experience for all our visitors.