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“We rehabilitate to release, we educate to protect”

Located at the Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary, the Refugio Animal Cascada consists in a Rehabilitation Center and an Exhibition Center, where we work each day for the care of all native wildlife in need.

Refuge history

For many years the care of native wildlife has been set aside… the Refugio Animal Cascada was born as a prevailing need to receive animals that have been directly or indirectly impacted by humans.

The Refugio Animal Cascada consists in two centers


Our team

Our team consists mostly in a group of volunteers who are in love with the native fauna, who also feel the responsibility that we have as humans regarding the care of biodiversity.

Between friends and collaborators, we constantly work to rehabilitate, release, protect and educate!


The Animal Cascada Refuge is a non-profit organization and does not receive any financial support from the Government. However, we can  maintain our work thanks to the support of different collaborators.