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Puma concolor

Maqui arrived at the Refuge in 2013, in the most mysterious way. Our volunteers were told there was a baby mountain lion roaming around the area of El Toyo, he was very hungry and had lost his mother in the mountains. Immediately, a three-day search was organized and during the morning of the last day there were very few hopes of finding him, but amazingly he showed up at the centre all by himself.  

Everyone was amazed. Maqui walked over ten kilometres, crossing towns and rivers, to finally arrive to the only place were he could find help. He was very weak, close to starvation and scared. Maqui was raised at the Refuge and now lives together with Huilo in a natural facility…

He is a very curious mountain lion, who loves to run, enjoys his sorroundings and to play with his caregivers.
To ensure a mountain lion’s wellness is not an easy thing, but at the Refuge we give him the best possible life!

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