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Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center

It takes care of those individuals who cannot be released, either due to physical problems or psychological damage suffered during their lives. All these animals are part of the permanent family of the Refuge and its existence has been destined to allow Environmental Education programs to be carried out and thus to raise awareness about the status of the country’s native fauna.

Some of the animals that we receive at the Refuge go through a rehabilitation process, however, there are cases of individuals that cannot be released because the do not have physical (eg. adequate vision, functional limbs, etc.) or behavioral capacities (eg. they don’t know how to hunt, they don’t recognize predators, they are used to humans, etc.) in order to survive and reproduce in freedom. To release them in sub-optimal conditions is probably to condemn them to suffering and death.

In many countries these non-releasable animals are euthanized. In the Refuge, if we have the necessary conditions and the animal can live well, it is decided to let them live in captivity and be part of the Exhibition Centre. In this captivity, animal welfare is prioritized, and each individual becomes “an ambassador of its species”, allowing the creation of environmental education and outreach programs, where work is donde to educate and raise awareness among visitors about the conservation of native fauna. In addition, each ambassador can be part of scientific research that always the conservation of free-living species as its objective.

Work with animals in captivity:

The interaction that you have with animals in rehabilitation is different from how you work with animals in captivity…

For rehabilitation is extremely important that interaction with humans is as limited as possible, to avoid habituation of animals towards us. On the other hand, with animals that are kept in captivity, a good relationship between animal and keeper is prioritized, to ensure that the animal lives calmly with human presence.


Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center

Context In Chile, when native animals are found with physical or psychological damages due to accidents, illegal trafficking or any other motive, the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG) is the entity in charge of managing their care and possible release to their natural habitat. Nevertheless, the public system doesn’t count with state centres that take care…

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